Large width linen fabrics

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Linen for clothing
  1. Heavy weight linen (4)
  2. Medium weight linen (11)
  3. Washed linen (2)
  4. Linen voile (1)
  5. Babies and children (2)
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Linen for household linen
  1. Large tablecloth (13)
  2. Heavy weight linen tablecloth (4)
  3. Medium weight linen tablecloth (11)
  4. Double bed sheets (13)
  5. Single bed sheets (13)
  6. Washed linen sheets (2)
  7. Washed linen tablecloth (2)
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Linen for furnishing
  1. Extra wide (16)
  2. Repair of seat (4)
  3. Medium weight curtains (12)
  4. Curtain lining (3)
  5. Heavy weight curtains (4)
  6. Net curtains (1)
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Linen by colour
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  1. Extra wide (16)
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Fabric range
  1. Normandie (13)
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What is a large width fabric?

The standard width for commercially distributed fabrics is 1 m 50 cm (= 1.5 m wide). Our large width linen fabrics are sold by the metre and have a much greater width. If you order, for example, 1 m of a fabric with a width of 2.7 m, you will get a piece 1 m (length) by 2 m 70 cm (wide).

Range of large width fabrics

Couture Lin has developed two ranges of linen fabrics in large widths, from 2.6 m to 3.05 m. In total, we offer about 30 single colours that are stylish and easy to match:

- Turin fabrics with the Sanelin label (certified French or Belgian origin of the linen fibres) are fine fabrics, 100% pure linen and of standard thickness (170 g/m2). They are easy to care for, machine washable up to 60 degrees.

- Mixed fabrics (50% linen, 50% cotton), also Sanelin certified, with a standard thickness of 150 g/m2. They are also machine washable at up to 60 degrees.

How can these large width fabrics be used?

- clothing, since our large width fabrics are of a standard thickness;

- interior decoration for which linen is a top-of-the-range choice due to its high quality.

Due to their large width, our pure linen fabrics in the Turin range and our Mixed fabrics are particularly suitable for table linen (making tablecloths), furnishing (curtains, sofa throws…), and bed linen (sheets and quilt covers). Go with the trend of pre-washed linen and enjoy the hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermoregulating properties of linen!