Advice for choosing the right fabric

Linen is above all a natural fabric, and ideal for several kinds of creations. It is used in many fields: clothes, curtains, tablecloths, dishcloths, bed linen, decorative fabrics, furnishings and embroidery. Fabrics made of pure linen come in many forms and colours. The aim of Couture Lin’s recommendations is to help you choose the right type of linen for each of your creations.

  • Veils >90g
  • Fine fabrics >170g
  • Traditional fabrics >250g
  • Thick fabrics >350g et plus


For bed linen, curtains or very wide tablecloths, Couture Lin offers a range of Large Widths.

For lining curtains, Fine White is perfect, it comes in widths of 150cm or 270cm.

Veil Fabric is used for making fine net curtains.

Fine Fabrics and Traditional Fabrics can be used in all fields of home decoration.

DIY Fabric is reserved for decorative uses, it can be used for beautiful, original creations such as frame

backings, or a doorstop…



Linen is a fabric which is greatly appreciated by embroiderers for its elegance and quality.

Its clearly visible woof and weft make it possible to embroider little marvels using straight stitch and, on some fabrics, cross stitch.

When fabrics can be embroidered using cross stitch, the number of threads per cm² is mentioned in the description of the fabric.

The natural colour 100% pure linen DIY Fabric is a fabric which perfectly suits embroiderers who like cross

stitch. There are 13 x 13 threads per cm².

The range of Fine Fabrics means being able to make fine creations with straight stitch, such as a tablecloth and its matching napkins.

It is also possible to do straight stitch embroidery with the range of Traditional Fabrics.


For clothes everything depends on the desired look and style.

Two types of fabrics are available, depending on your tastes: pure linen Fine Fabrics or pure linen Traditional Fabrics, which are slightly thicker.

To make a light top, a shirt or trousers for the summer, Couture Lin advises you to use a pure linen Fine Fabric to create a casual look, while still remaining chic.

For the creation of a jacket or suit, a pure linen Traditional Fabric will be more appropriate: they are thicker and give more volume to your jacket.

Fine Fabrics and Traditional Fabrics are also excellent for children’s clothes, with countless possibilities: rompers, skirts or dresses, dungarees… the result will be charming.


1-Scarves and stoles

For stoles that go perfectly with your summer dresses, Couture Lin advises you to use 2 types of fabrics: either Veil Fabrics which will provide a real impression of transparency, or a pure linen Fine Fabric which will be thicker, while remaining light.

When it comes to linen scarves, they can be worn all year, whatever the season, and will protect you from light, fresh winds. For an optimal result, we suggest that you use a pure linen Fine Fabric.

2-Bags, clutches

To make a bag, you’ll need a fabric which is thick enough for the bag to hold up. Pure linen Traditional Fabrics are perfectly suited to the creation of bags and clutches. Pure linen Coated Canvases are ideal for making tote bags or sports bags because they are impermeable, resistant and give your bags flair.


Linen is the fabric used to make the great hats wich are often seen at weddings, Couture Lin suggests that you use a net fabric to make yours, which will create a hat with a light, transparent side.

All of our linen fabrics can be used to accessorise one of your hats, make a band, or small flower for one of your special hats that you get out for special occasions such as weddings.

Finally, thanks to pure coated linen, you can make an impermeable hat for rainy days.